In the role of a trusted advisor, ALBION DIGITAL AGENCY consistently delivers solutions that are measurable, implementable, and customized to your requirements. Our approach helps organizations capture value through innovation, disruptive growth and business effectiveness, while shifting the focus from optimized operations to investing in “improving the business”.

We offer services in Business and Information Technology Transformation

Our Business Transformation Solutions

  • Simplification for Business Transformation – We help you create the foundation for change and growth. We can reduce the cost of change programs by bringing in focus on Products, People, and Process as well as accelerate transformation programs in business and/ or IT system implementation, such as Cloud Application/ Infrastructure and Application Portfolio Rationalization/ Optimization.
  • Business Strategy — Maximizes your market opportunities by identifying optimal products, markets, and execution strategies.
  • Target Operating Model Design — Gives sustainable business value improvement, enhanced business performance and helps design and implement target operating models.
  • Cost and Productivity Optimization — Improves alignment of business activities and spending across people, processes and technology, thereby building a more agile, efficient and effective organization with sustainable performance.
  • Business Resilience — A framework that helps you realize your critical service chains across your customer journeys, and map out control methods needed to de-risk the critical failure points. The framework delivers a prioritized portfolio of investments and control actions that address people, process, technology and infrastructure components. The net result not only improves business resilience but also helps to simplify processes.
  • Enterprise Performance Management — Plan, report, analyze and improve corporate and business performance.
  • Product Strategy and Design — Identify new avenues for business growth, accelerate time to market and improve customer centricity with services across the product lifecycle.
  • Customer Relationship Management — Analyze and transform your CRM initiatives utilizing a business value and metrics-based perspective to drive revenue growth, improve margins, improve competitive positioning, enhance brand and customer loyalty and improve asset efficiency.
  • Change Management — Business benefits from transformation initiatives are not realized simply by ‘Going-Live’. Benefits realization begins when the critical mass of users adopt the new processes, tools and operating model effectively.
Our Information Technology Transformation Services

  • IT Strategy
  • Align IT with business goals
  • Establish clear benchmarks across the application life cycle
  • Improve processes via specific roadmaps, proven frameworks and best practices
  • Consolidate, standardize, and harmonize data across multiple systems
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Program Management Services that reduce rework cost and improve pace of change
  • IT Organization Design and Operating Model — Our Process Excellence solutions include end-to-end IT efficiency improvement and restructuring programs that span IT Governance, Application Development and Maintenance, IT Infrastructure Management, Testing Transformation, Tools Rationalization, IT Operations Optimization, and Lean IT services
  • ERP Strategy & Design
  • Identify strategic business goals for ERP to support
  • Establish ERP governance mechanisms
  • Determine the required ERP services
  • Identify and implement the most suitable ERP package
  • IT Spend Optimization — Reduce IT costs by using a multi-pronged IT strategy
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance — We have developed specific solutions that:
  • Reduce complexity
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Improve the effectiveness of risk and compliance management activities
  • IT Simplification
  • Reduce variability
  • Improve efficiency and throughput
  • Align business and IT objectives, and improve quality